A little bit of brief information on the Indonesian Waltpoker gambling scene

This is as brief as it’s going to get. It’s as brief as it needs to be. Because, quite frankly, if you want to be a successful online gambler, a lot of the research work needs to be done by yourself. For instance, if you are a regular poker player, you’ll need to check in with a lot more focus and note-taking to study the options and alternatives to playing just five card poker in the room where pretty much the entire world has descended.

You can extend your research to all the other popular and standard and cultural games of Indonesia’s leading and largest gaming and gambling online destination, www.waltpoker.com. For now, we give you the brief info and a little bit of motivation to spur you onto the next level. Indonesia’s largest online gambling enterprise processes real money. Online transactions are secured. Check the website for more information on how this is guaranteed.


According to the information given, the abovementioned gaming and gambling website is the largest of its kind in Indonesia. Poker and domino remain favorites among the regular hardcore gamblers. With much practice, some of them have gone on to make fortunes. But do not expect to see too many headlines in print or online on this because that’s one of the best tricks of successful gambling. Keep your successful strategies to yourself.

Keep your cards close to your chest. Even the online consultants and their henchmen will be watching you. Play your favorite poker and traditional games professionally and do not cheat. Those new to the region, note that Ceme, Capsa and Susun are extremely popular as traditional games across the region, having been played for generations long before the internet was even a thought to the players.

Hints on the best ways to find a rewarding Career in Southeast Asia

If you are from the great region of Southeast Asia then you should know about the growth projectile it is currently on in regard to the region’s economies. Some countries which previously experienced no growth or even worse, extreme poverty and oppression, have turned the tide and, for a great number of years now already, have continued to see Growth Domestic Product expansion. Even with the recent financial crisis, many countries continue to expand their economies, even if, in some cases, it can only be described as minimal or modest.

Such minimal growth exposes a myriad of socio-economic problems. Jobs, for one thing, remain scarce. And, this is a world-wide problem, it remains extremely difficult for most school, college and university leavers to kick-start their Careers with a good, meaningful job. You do not necessarily need to be from one of the standout countries of Southeast Asia, Singapore, to take advantage of great Career opportunities, going forward.

If you are new to the formal job market with no formal work experience behind you, highlight your educational experience towards the top of your CV. Make sure that your distinctive achievements are highlighted as well and emphasize how subject choices, such as economics, accountancy, business economics, and so forth, are relevant to your formal job application. If you have had at least a few work experiences, try and highlight how the work relates to the job you are applying for.


Do not write your CV irrelevantly. In other words, leave out everything, even if it was a remarkable achievement for you that is entirely irrelevant to the job being applied for. Finally, you need to keep your CV short for the convenience of your potential employer who only wants to deal with facts as quickly as possible.

4 Common Internet Scams to Avoid

The Internet is a great place to be, where excitement comes alive and possibilities are endless. Shop, meet new people, take yourself on a trip around the world –when you are on the Internet, all things are in your hand and at your disposal. This includes scams. It is important to be aware of the many different internet scams that are out there waiting to take your money, your identity, and otherwise make your life a nightmare. Here we will share with you four of the most common scams to be aware of.

  1. Nigerian Scams

These are the most popular scams on the internet right now. Any type of request from Nigeria or Africa should be viewed as a scam. There are dating scams, email scams, Western Union scams, and so many others.

  1. Sales Scams

You will encounter these scams on sales sites such as Craigslist and eBay. As there are several types of Nigerian scams, there are also numerous types of sales scams to be weary of. You might be sold a fake item represented as real. You might encounter stolen merchandise or goods, or a site that only wants to steal your information.

  1. Rental Scams

If someone is promising to rent you a home, but says they are in another state or country, do not send them any money. This is almost always a scam!

  1. Dating Scams

Yes, scams even exist within the world of online dating. A good rule of thumb is never to send money to anyone online that you don’t know, even if they promise romantic encounters and marriage in the future.

These are just a handful of the many scams that you may encounter. Avoid them, always use common sense, and at the end of the day you can use the Internet with ease and without headache.